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Discrimination by atlantean Discrimination :iconatlantean:atlantean 32 68 .Discrimination. by ongaku-suki .Discrimination. :iconongaku-suki:ongaku-suki 86 74 Against discrimination by Flincus Against discrimination :iconflincus:Flincus 214 68 JLA basketball by moritat JLA basketball :iconmoritat:moritat 142 14 Golden Basketball by cypr-3-ss Golden Basketball :iconcypr-3-ss:cypr-3-ss 76 22
Darkness looms
Shadowy tombs
Not feeling right
Absence of light
Wallowing in tears
Don't care about fears
Pulling out the knife
I would give my own life
To stop the sadness
I become helpless
All this stress is too heavy
And ultimately
I die
With too many a cry
On my cheek
And to many, considered a freak
:iconboneac-animaniac:BoneAC-Animaniac 8 13
My heart is stamped with words like "fragile" and "caution"
Brittle and easily broken
Emotion snarling from the inside, begging for a way out
"You're weak"
Thoughts ripping apart the seams
Doubts and worry assault my lungs as my throat closes in on itself
Panic slashes through my skin
"You're weak"
:iconliebetacos:LiebeTacos 11 2
My eyes rip free
The tears running down my cheeks
I've nowhere to run
I'm all alone
Why can't you see
The only thing left
Is silence
My eyes are closed
My screams are gone
All that's left of me
Is tears
I've tried to run
But its caught up
No matter where I go
Or what I do
My life catches up to me
:iconpotterfangirl13:potterfangirl13 15 2
Walking down the street,
I feel everyones eyes on me.
Slowly I speed up to avoid their nasty glares,
fearing that I wont be able to break free.
Anxiety spreading quickly through my body,
making me feel like a bird locked in a cage.
My heart pounding rapidly against my chest,
so hard that I feel like I could collapse.
Trying to escape the crowd thats laughing at me,
I cant seem to find a way out.
Tears stream down my face as the people point at me,
my head is spinning trying to proccese it all.
Everyone in the crowd is taking their turn verbally attacking me,
why can't they leave me be don't they see that I'm filled with missery
I close my eyes and block out the sound,
then open them again and look around just to find out it was all a figment of my immagination.
:iconterraface:TerraFace 28 5
The walk of anxiety by Awashii The walk of anxiety :iconawashii:Awashii 40 24
Tic toc, tic toc, tic toc.
                                    So much time left.
Tic toc, tic toc, tic toc.
                                            What am I waiting for?
Tic toc, tic toc, tic toc.
                                                          Where did I go?
Tic toc, tic toc, tic toc.
:iconrilyjester:RilyJester 19 6
Social Anxiety
The closed, locked door
The cold, hard floor,
I know I've been here before.
I hear the noise,
The dreadful voice.
It seems I do not have a choice.
You don't understand.
You can't comprehend
The things that haunt me deep within.
:iconhaunted72194:haunted72194 59 4
Anxiety by RevelationsInInk Anxiety :iconrevelationsinink:RevelationsInInk 16 16 'Anxiety' by toslayadragon 'Anxiety' :icontoslayadragon:toslayadragon 1,272 500 Anxiety by xmagentabluex Anxiety :iconxmagentabluex:xmagentabluex 21 12
There is a freight train inside my ribcage
And it pounds at the walls
Shredding my dignity to pieces
This anxiety is scratching the chalk boards
Peeling away at the rooftops
It never leaves me alone
I am left with spider webs on my tongue
One bullet for one mind
A one way ticket to the unknown
Tonight I pray to a God I do not believe in
For some type of relief
To help my soul from melting
:icondeadpoolwx:Deadpoolwx 83 10



Classifying People

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 3, 2011, 9:25 PM

I can not stand the way people classify others as ;black,white,hispanic, dominican, and other things as well. It irratates me that as a new generation of children and adults that we allow this to be acceptable. I'm not just talking about "what are you?" thats not what always what bothers me. Its mostly the "she acts white or thier mad black or hispanic" or even when people say "you don't act like a typical hispanic".Indeed I am hispanic but that does not define completely who I am. Some people these days make there ethnicity all of who they are. There is nothing wrong about being a proud ______ but you don't need to let it seperate you from everything else.
Its sad when people from thier own ethnicity group tell someone else they don't act like thier kind. Its disappointing. I think I speak for everyone when I say its nice to fit in and to be apart of something that you think is great. We put ourselfves in these sterotypical mind sets and if we don't the people around us do. I guess we don't always realize how we seperate ourselfves or we allow people to seperate us.
                        I have been told I am a white girl by many people. They define me on how I act,how I dress,what i'm like. I dress like me NATASHA and i'm not like anyone else. Honestly if I was a white girl I would fit in with so called "white people" but I don't because I'm very different from alot of people. I'm a quite person but I can break out and have fun when I want to. I like rock,hip-hop,indie, hindi, old school rap, opera, tecno,dubstep, french and german rap, r&b, and a bunch of other stuff. I like to be a diverse person because the world isn't just America or Puerto Rico, it's every country. I don't have to grow up in a country where I'm surrounded by one culture. I get to explore and become my own person and follow my own traditions. I like to be with every kind of person and the first thing that comes to mind is not what they are because that doesn't make a difference.
                          Apparently this is all wrong! I don't know what a typical hispanic is but why does it matter. I'm happy with just being Natasha but some people don't see that way. In one part of my family they call me a "white-a-rican" or like just white girl basically. It gets me upset because they use it in a bad way like i'm not part of them. In the end they say "well there's nothing wrong with that anyways". Then why say it in the first place? LIKE HOW DO THEY WANT ME TO BE?!!!. They want me to be loud, snappy, violent, and wear glitter or something. I'm sorry if this is just completly off but I have no idea how to be but just me.
                          I think my family doesn't understand what I have been through. Many people may think my stories are not as big of deal but they definitely had a huge impact on me. My close friends growing up were all African American. I was always the lightest one. I didn't really care because to me they were my friends. I had one friend that never really saw me as Natasha but always as the white girl. She would tell me I knew nothing about hip-hop or rap because I'm white. That bothered me alot because when I was always around her I felt left out of the box.
                          One day we were at work and she looked at some boy at said "isn't he cute?" she then turn around to find me sitting behind her. She was suspecting an answer but as soon as she realized it was me she quickly said" Oh wait your white never mind". I have never felt so disgusted. I can't believe because I was "white" I couldn't like someone darker. After all the years of knowing me she couldn't put in her head that i'm just a person just like her. I can like who ever and what ever.
                          Another time at my community center my brother was trying to make friends while we where waiting on line.He was only 8 years old. He said "hey!" to some kid. I was just watching from a distance. This kid just looked at him at said "get the F*** away from me white boy!" I saw my brothers face just frown. He just stood there and this kid kept cursing at him. It had to be the one of the worst things I had to experience. I just grabbed my brother and I just told him to stay away from that kid.
                          This why I can't stand it when someone tells me you act this way or you don't. I can't when people experience it too. I try not to let it get to me sometimes but it sadens me that these people actually think thier justified to think this way, to say whatever they feel. In the end I hope someone will understand it doesn't matter where your from or who you have to be like. It what you want to be and you don't have to be anything if you don't want to be. I'm not saying its wrong to say your this and that but you don't have to make others feel bad that there not like you.

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Hmm I don't think there is much to say but I like to have adventures both good or bad. Making people laugh makes my day and I love making new friends.


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